Jack's Stir Brewed Coffee

Jack's Stir Brewed Coffee

"What is stir-brewed coffee? Don't ask us; we can't possibly explain the process. After all, there are so many ways to make coffee. Instead, ask us why we keep going back to Jack's over and over: it's because of the fantastic attitude we experience there, one of the most pleasant places to sip a cuppa, maybe have a bagel or muffin, and enjoy an easygoing breakfast. Sure, there are only a handful of tables and it's a bit cramped, but you go to Jack's for the crowd and the experience. So what are you waiting for?"

136 W 10th St, New York, NY
(212) 929-0821 serving: West Village, Downtown

Sidewalk Score: 10 out of 10
Location, Location, Location:


Local Favorite, $, Quiet, Cash, Open 7 Days, Restaurants,

The Low Down


Know Before You Go: The organic, shade-grown, fair-trade beans are available for purchase.

The Extras: Jack's features live music every Tuesday and 16mm movies every Thursday.

Rants, Raves & Reviews

This tiny West Village coffee shop impresses with uniquely brewed java and a friendly atmosphere.
by Contributor at Citysearch

In Short
Owner Jack Mozzola's one-of-a-kind stir brewer stirs the coffee while its brewing, along with piping in oxygen to keep it fresh. The result is a less acidic, richer cup of coffee, helped by a unique blend of organic,…
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2nd Location in South Seaport Area
By GatorSMS at Citysearch

I had read about Jack's Stir Brew prior to a recent trip to NYC but I didn't think I'd have time to get up to the Village to try it. Low and behold... Read More

coffee shop of the heavens
By tiggle268 at Citysearch

Jacks stir brewed coffee is divine! their coffee and teas, no matter what kind (but dont be chicken, try the specialties), and downtown chef sandwh... Read More

Not only is the coffee amazing, but so is the cafe
By dave920 at Citysearch

The coffee: delicious. Perfectly brewed and much care taken to deliver you a hot cup of heaven. But you don't just go to Jack's for the coffee -- t... Read More

Fantastic service, very friendly, good coffee, best in the neighborhood
By dazzaranda at Citysearch

This place is great, by far the best in the neighborhood. The service a real treat, always very cheery and friendly. The food is good, although the... Read More

getting too big for his own good
By shitakeshitake at Citysearch

great coffee, but running out of bagels at 11am on a sunday, not so good! Read More