Gimme Coffee

Gimme Coffee

495 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 388-7771 serving: Williamsburg
open:Daily, 7am-8pm

Sidewalk Score: 10 out of 10
Location, Location, Location:


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The Low Down


Know Before You Go: Check out the Nolita location at 228 Mott Street in Manhattan.

The Extras: Nearby Settepani bakery provides the small selection of muffins and cakes.

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Artisanal roasting guides the flavor of this Williamsburg coffee bar.
by Karen Hudes at Citysearch

In Short
An extension of a young coffee chain from Ithaca, NY, this relaxed hangout, decorated with black booths, sleek swivel chairs and colorful artwork, brings the craftsmanship of master roaster John Gant to Brooklyn. All…
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By hamidat at Citysearch

This is such a nice place. This is where I would go if I have time to relax and have a cup of their amazing coffee. A perfect place to put your fee... Read More

By trentr701894540 at Citysearch

My coffee experience was a great one, I can say. With the level of service I received, I would not hesitate to recommend this people. Read More

By henryw472629887 at Citysearch

I love coffee, specially when the weather temperature is cold. I would not hesitate to buy a glass or two of my favorite blend here. Read More

By doloresb901395140 at Citysearch

I don't want recommending any shop, but this one is definitely an exception because they really offer great customer service to anyone. Read More

Outstanding coffee
By Fayette H. at Judy's Book

If you like real coffee, come check out Gimme Coffee in Lorimer St, Brooklyn. They brew a mean coffee and there's a good vibe there as well. Read More