Bianky Coffee

Bianky Coffee

2340 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 376-2500 serving: Sheepshead Bay

Sidewalk Score: 7 out of 10
Location, Location, Location:


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Editorial Review
by Contributor at Citysearch

Hookah bar with a variety of flavors, foods drinks and desserts. Belly dancing on weekends.
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cool place hookahs didnt taste too fresh
By erikakjose69 at Citysearch

i like the environment and musci, especially the dark light effect. but the hookahs tasted stale and ashy. id give it 1 more try, but if you have ... Read More

a little shabby interior but tobacco was fresh and tasty
By alboukai66 at Citysearch

the place seemed a bit outdated on the inside walls were a bit dingy and so was the furniture, but at the end of the day, the hookah tasted good an... Read More

service couldve been a little snappier, atmosphere was nice
By IgorNotEgor at Citysearch

i like the interior design of the place as well as the music, but the service was a bit choppy, either way, id probly go back. Read More

good service good hookah good times
By DannyGirl98 at Citysearch

this place provided fresh hookah with a wide array of different flavors, and they brough out new coals whenevr needed. i definitely would recomend ... Read More

great hookah flavors, tasted a little resonated and ashy
By marcbackstard at Citysearch

the service was great, the tobacco tasted good, my only grievance was the slightly ashy flavor of the hookah hose, ubut it was pretty mild. definit... Read More