Saveurs, Inc.

Saveurs, Inc.


Administrative Address: 1630 Silverwood Terrace, Los Angeles, CA
serving: East LA, Silver Lake
open:Available By Appointment

Sidewalk Score: 10 out of 10
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C'est Magnifique!
By franilla at Citysearch

Saveurs is c'est magnifique tastebud heaven! They catered a friend's dinner party recently and we all went temporarily insane with joy over the de... Read More

Amazing at all levels
By rhysryan at Citysearch

My company was hosting a private business dinner were we'd be showing our product to a select number of potential buyers. We knew we didn't want t... Read More

A must use to enjoy your own parties!!!!
By jomakous at Citysearch

The food was amazing. The relaxed nature of Chef Jean Christophe made him a pleasure to deal with, when as a host I can be a bit high strung. His... Read More

Saveurs - J.C. and Meredith Bring a 5-Star Experience to Your Home
By ruschfamily at Citysearch

When I first met J.C. I was instantly drawn to his youthful enthusiasm, his engaging personality and his passion for food and wine. HIs culinary s... Read More

Best Saveur of France coming to your door. Great business gift
By kyan17 at Citysearch

Just purchased a gift certificate (for 2 persons) for my Best client for the Holiday Seasons . He was suprised by this great idea and pleased t... Read More