40 N Clinton St, Chicago, IL
(312) 463-0331 serving: West Side, Near West Side
open:Mon-Fri 5am-6:30pm

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The Low Down


The Extras: Purchase a Starbucks customer card and use it to receive fun rewards, like a free tall beverage when you buy a pound of coffee beans.

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Seattle-based coffee chain lures caffeine addicts with upscale roasts, caramel frappuccinos, shaken iced teas and an extra shot of trendiness.
by Kamila Przybylski at Citysearch

In Short
For many, getting their daily jolt of java has become a daily morning ritual, and the cardboard cup with its infamous green label is the close companion of every coffee aficionado. Busy baristas work seamlessly behind…
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