Hamburger Hamlet

Hamburger Hamlet

"Somewhere between fine dining and fast food lies this upscale burger chain."

11648 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
(310) 826-3558 serving: West LA, West Los Angeles
open:Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 10am-8pm

Sidewalk Score: 5 out of 10

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Somewhere between fine dining and fast food lies this upscale burger chain.
by Contributor at Citysearch

The Scene
The first Hamlet opened on the Sunset Strip in 1950. After gaining success within the Hollywood community, the thriving burger joint opened franchises across the Southland. In recent years, the chain's popularity has…
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Don't expect much...
By garrett115 at Citysearch

Average food, below average service, high prices. One can do better. Read More

Horrible service
By meadowsidhe at Citysearch

It doesn't matter which Hamlet you go to, you never get good service. If you call to order a pick up you get hung up on or you are told (not asked... Read More

Almost Upscale
By alikaalex at Citysearch

Tasty food served in a restaurant with identity-crisis decor. Many of the Hamlets I've been to have different decors within the same restaurant. Wh... Read More

Not as good as memory serves
By jeremyreed_citysearch at Citysearch

I used to go here ten years ago -- not this very one but another Hamburger Hamlet. I remembered it being so good, but on a recent visit I realized ... Read More

French Onion Soup is Worth a Visit
By MicheleMoss_Citysearch at Citysearch

Yes, it's a chain, but the burgers and French onion soup are consistently good. The service is always great, regardless of the location. The desser... Read More