Rice Kitchen

Rice Kitchen

2126 Holly Hall St, Houston, TX
(713) 796-8636 serving: Southwest, Astrodome

Sidewalk Score: 4 out of 10
Location, Location, Location:


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By keepinitrealp at Citysearch

Good food, speedy delivery. Best option if you work and live in the med center. They have never gotten the order wrong and are always fast. Decent ... Read More

By Sizzlingree at Citysearch

there were still two things that I really enjoyed and always ordered. (1) Hot And Sour Soup: I always went for large because it tasted so good that... Read More

By unprevailingluvm at Citysearch

Dependable take out, ask for no/low oil and no msg Read More

By SuWrin at Citysearch

I have received their menu on my front door several times and the craving for Chinese hit me this weekend. I wanted to eat in my own home and remem... Read More

By tigerstripesc at Citysearch

Rice Kitchen is awesome!!! I always get take out and they offer a whole lot of food for cheap! Read More